SDAO NFT Medal Auction
  1. 1.
    50,000 NFTs of BEP20-based Medal for Auction in the first phase, with all transactions executed automatically by smart contracts and image features stored on IPFS.
  2. 2.
    The starting Mint of each NFT Medal is 50U, the fixed premium for each auction is 10%, and a single transaction can be mint 50 times in a row.
  3. 3.
    NFT Medal can Auction 5 - 500 online at the same time, the prophecy machine will be automatically adjusted according to the number of Mint, by the smart contract automatically online.
  4. 4.
    NFT Medal limited to 168 hours countdown, Auction reduced by 1 hour at a time, countdown to 0, no Auction automatically destroyed.
  5. 5.
    Countdown to 0, last Auction transaction address to receive NFT Medal with one click.

Auction Premium Data Allocation

(1) First 50U auction allocation:
  • 50% SDAO LP, 50% SDAO Farm
(2) Premium 10% Auction allocation:
  • 2% SDAO Farm, 18% SDAO LP, 80% Auction (85% previous auction address ,15%SDAO Lab)

Auction Example:

  • A 10,000U Auction, B 11,000U Auction
  • Premium: B - A = 1000U

B Auction 11000U contract automatically allocates:

  • 1000/2%= 20u → SDAO Farm
  • 1000/18%= 180u → SDAO LP
  • 1000/80%= 800u
  • 10000/100%= 10000u → A
  • 🅰
    Return = 680U + 10,000U = 10,680U
  • 🅰
    Profit = 10680U - 10000U = 680U
  • If A is at 100U direct Auction to 10,000U, A will also return [10,000 - (100 x 1.1)] x 80% x 85% = 6732U
  • A maximum profit ≈ 680U + 6732U ≈ 7412U

Address and use of SDAO:

SDAO LP is used to increase the LP base pool of SDAO tokens and enhance the value of SDAO
SDAO Lab is for Web 3 more application building, global community development
SDAO Farm is for empower Seed and rare Punk-NFT, and cooperate with more resources platform
SDAO TOKEN is a token based on the BEP20 (BSC) protocol standard

In the future, SDAO Lab will develop more interesting games based on SDAO, and will also cooperate with more projects, holding SDAO can get more airdrops and other kinds of rewards.