What is SDAO Token

98.3% SDAO Token By NFT Medal Auction Mining

SDAO Token is a token based on the BEP20 (BSC) protocol standard and is the governance token for SDAO, the first MAM (Medal Auction Mining) protocol concept platform for the Web 3.0 world

SDAO Token Allocation

Maximum total: 3,000,000 SDAO:
Initial Circulation: 50,000 SDAO
  • 30,000 SDAO for PancakeSwap to add to the LP pool
  • 20,000 SDAO for SeedSea Rare NFT airdrop benefits
MAM Protocol: 2,950,000 SDAO
  • 2,950,000 SDAO to be mined via NFT's MAM protocol (All mining is completed, it is expected to take 100 years)

SDAO Token-MAM mining rules:

  • BEP20 (BSC) a block every 3 seconds, a computing power a block to mining 0.0002 SDAO
  • BEP20 (BSC) a block every 3 seconds, For every 500 increase in total mining computing power, the mining output of each block decreases by 4.50%

SDAO Token Trading Fee

SDAO Buy-in:
  • 1% Auto-destruct
  • 2% Increase LP

SDAO Sell-in:

  • 1% Auto-destruct
  • 2% Increase LP

SDAO Transfer:

  • 1% Auto-destruct
  • 2% Increase LP

SDAO first anti-whale carpet consensus mechanism:

  • SDAO price ≤ 20u trading 1.0%
  • SDAO price > 20u trading 5.0%
  • SDAO price > 40u trading 10.0%

There is no limit to buying, selling requires an interval of 24 hours / time, smart contracts based on SDAO prices automatically regulate the selling range of 1% - 10%, the unique anti-whale carpet mechanism, can effectively solve the problem of robots and large investors malicious smashing, so that speculation into investment, can make joint efforts of the consensus, a steady stream of value returns!

SDAO price reaches $100 and lasts 168 hours, the smart contract automatically lifts the anti-whale carpet consensus mechanism restriction and trades 100%!

SDAO Token rights and interests:

  • Anti-whale carpets continue to enhance the value of SDAO
  • Synthesize rare NFT Medal for Mining
  • Increase the computing power to get more SDAO
  • For platform governance, voting, decision-making
  • Subsequent NFT replacement and business airdrop
  • Empowerment of GameFi in the Web 3 world
  • 50% off global items in the Web 3 world
  • SDAO can be involved in the further development of the SDAO LAB

SDAO Token Contract Address

SDAO Token has no pre-sales, no private placements and no team set-asides, No carpet, diverse application scenarios, extreme deflation, anti-whale mechanism, unlimited value!