SDAO Empowerment

Destroy SDAO to mine SDAO, Staking SDAO to share dividends in USDT

By destroy SDAO, the mining computing power can be increased by an additional 1 times

Minimum destroy is 300U of SDAO tokens of current value

Destroy 300u of SDAO to increase mining power by 1

  • Destroy mining of SDAO with a maximum increase in total computing power ≤ 1 times the total computing power of NFT holdings

  • The normal transfer or transaction of NFT requires the current computing power of NFT > SDAO destroys the mining computing power

  • It is used to destroy the SDAO that increases the computing power, and the smart contract is automatically transferred to the black hole address for destruction

When the computing power of NFT held by an address decreases, the computing power increased by burning will also decrease, with a reduction of 50% each time

Staking SDAO provides continued access to USDT dividends,

3% of the USDT turnover on the platform is used for dividends!

The staking needs to be ≥ 10000 SDAO,The staking SDAO can be redeemed at maturity without any loss!

Two staking periods are available, with different weighted for different periods

  • Staking period 1 year, weighted at 1

  • Staking period 3 year, weighted at 5

  • Dividend: number of staking × weights

Each USDT dividend interval > 168 hours,USDT can be claimed after the oracle machine is automatically triggered

SDAO Labs is dedicated to bringing a new NFT+TOKEN solution to DeFi and Web3 users, with our unique CAM (Card Auto-Mining) protocol mechanism that will activate the vitality of the Web3 world.

Our CAM protocol mechanism allows users to automatically obtain TOKEN income by holding our NFT cards, bringing additional income appreciation to users. We also cooperate with many DeFi projects, allowing users to use our NFT cards to obtain TOKEN income in different DeFi projects.

Our goal is to bring a richer and more convenient experience to DeFi and Web3 users through the NFT+TOKEN solution.

Our NFT cards have unique designs and are limited edition, bringing more collection value to users. We are committed to creating a more flexible and sustainable NFT+TOKEN ecosystem, bringing more income and value to users. In addition, we also provide a wealth of application scenarios, allowing users to use our NFT cards in games, entertainment, business and other fields.

Our CAM protocol mechanism can bring additional income to users, allowing users to enjoy the fun of games while also obtaining actual economic income. We hope that through our NFT+TOKEN solution, the Web3 world will become more prosperous and colorful.

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