SDAO Economic Model

99.9% SDAO Token By NFT Card Auto-Mining
SDAO Labs Token is a token based on the BEP20 (BSC) protocol standard and is the governance token for SDAO, the first CAM (Card Auto-Mining) protocol concept platform for the Web 3.0 world

SDAO Token Allocation

Maximum total: 210 Billion SDAO (SDAO Labs)​

Initial Circulation: 300,210,000 SDAO
  • 210,000 SDAO for PancakeSwap to add to the LP pool
  • 300,000,000 SDAO, For the exchange of V1 SDAO ; 100:1
CAM Protocol: 209,699,790,000 SDAO
  • 209,699,790,000 SDAO to be mined via NFT's CAM protocol (All mining is completed,Estimated $12 billion required)

SDAO Token-CAM mining rules:

  • BEP20 (BSC) a block every 3 seconds, a computing power a block to mining $0.0014 SDAO
  • Every 24 hours the smart contract automatically calculates the mining value based on the SDAO price (Mining $40.32 SDAO every 24 hours)

10% of each block mining goes to SDAO Labs, 10% goes to rare NFT (2% R-level NFT, 3% SR-level NFT, 5% SSR-level NFT)

SDAO Token Trading Fee

SDAO Buy-in:
  • 2% Auto-destruct
  • 1% Increase LP

SDAO Sell-in:

  • 2% Auto-destruct
  • 1% Increase LP

SDAO Transfer:

  • 3% Auto-destruct

SDAO first anti-whale carpet consensus mechanism:

  • SDAO price > 0.1u trading 0.1%
  • SDAO price > 0.2u trading 1%
  • SDAO price > 0.4u trading 100%

There is no limit to buying, selling requires an interval of 30 hours / time, smart contracts based on SDAO prices automatically regulate the selling range of 0.01% - 100%, the unique anti-whale carpet mechanism, can effectively solve the problem of robots and large investors malicious smashing, so that speculation into investment, can make joint efforts of the consensus, a steady stream of value returns!

SDAO Token rights and interests:

  • Anti-whale carpets continue to enhance the value of SDAO
  • Synthesize rare NFT Card for Mining
  • Increase the computing power to get more SDAO
  • For platform governance, voting, decision-making
  • Subsequent NFT replacement and business airdrop
  • Empowerment of GameFi in the Web 3 world
  • 50% off global items in the Web 3 world
  • SDAO can be involved in the further development of the SDAO LAB

SDAO Token Contract Address

SDAO Token has no pre-sales, no private placements and no team set-asides, No carpet, diverse application scenarios, extreme deflation, anti-whale mechanism, unlimited value!